What will the color that you can’t tolerate tell you about you?

There are a large number of tests that describe the character by the favorite color. For instance, black is a favourite color of rebels and self-confident individuals. And what about the colors that we can’t tolerate? Antipathies in the rainbow palette can even more open the characteristics of your nature and temperament.
There is a stereotype that if a person favours bright and challenging colors, you have a rebellious, expressive person in front of you, who is used to living with emotions and impressions. If a person surrounds himself with calm, pastel shades, then he is regarded as peaceful and harmonious. In reality, you can find your own zen in any color.
If you imagine the color pink, be prepared to know the truth.Pink color is not endured by bright, ambitious and brash personalities.For them, this is the color of dolls, children’s shirts and all sorts of tenderness. It limits their nature, brings boredom and peace to them, which borders on apathy.It is unthinkable for such personalities to show themselves if they are encircled by the pink color. Give them brighter shades.
Although one of the shades of purple was acknowledged as the color of 2022, it is not to everyone’s liking.If you don’t belong to his fans, you can easily be called an organized and well-disciplined person.You can’t stand spontaneous judgments and sudden impulses.Your life is rigorously planned by the day and by the hour, the word is a daily calendar.
Character by color can uncover not only the strengths, but also the weaknesses of the personality.Those who can’t tolerate the color red, are not too sure of themselves.They do not take risks and are not used to getting into difficulties, just to get their way.Such types prefer to live in their comfort zone, hardly ever revealing their head out of their shell.
Agree, the yellow color is to the likes of a little. Bright shades irritate pragmatic, down-to-earth people who are difficult to encourage. The thoughtlessness that gives the yellow color warns them. Opponents of yellow eliminate this shade from their lives as something strange. Their measured flow of things does not accept outbursts of emotions and involuntary changes of plans.
The blue color is alien to lone wolves. People who are used to coping with their problems on their own and occasionally share feelings with others. These people are quite closed, living in their own world.

Don’t you like orange? Then how do you feel about criticism? As a rule, those who can’t tolerate the color of oranges will not tolerate value judgments about themselves or their work. In such cases, they feel like a defendant under the abrupt eyes of the jury and are ready to escape to the ends of the world, just not to get into situations where someone points out their shortcomings.

The color of the earth calms and harmonizes. This is a taboo for hot-tempered people who value their freedom. At this time , they react abruptly to injustice and always take the side of the victims and the depressed. They will not tolerate if the strong hurts the weak.

Blue is the color of trust. They are not recognized by those who are in immortal anxiety and doubt. These are rebellious personalities who, like the sail from the poem of the same name, are looking for storms. Only in conditions of full chaos do they feel truly harmonious.

Like blue, purple gives peace of mind. And who finds it boring? Of course, true choleric. They are alien to creative and deep spiritual impulses, they live by emotions, not limiting themselves. Perhaps harmony with oneself and the world weighs down the souls of such people, eager to meet adventures. Or they consider such a way of life to be the lot of the weak and naive.

Black color
Have you met many optimists dressed in black from head to toe? We think you can count them on your fingers. Life Loving people can’t stand all these mourning shades. However, dislike of black also reveals hidden weaknesses. Opponents of black avoid awkward situations, they are afraid of many things, including losing faith in something or someone. Therefore, they choose to turn a blind eye to problems, rather than face them face to face.

Greyness does not attract people who are hungry for new emotions. Such natures tend to ride a bright carousel all their lives, stopping near bright and memorable events. But life is far from an amusement park  and such people risk conducting time in their rosy dreams until old age. You can’t escape from everyday life and routine, no matter how difficult you try.

The white color is obviously not for those who feel like a fish in water in a state of chaos. It is not tolerated by people for whom disorder equals comfort. These are creative, impulsive and original personalities. There is no place for the tedium of white pigment in their palette.

The psychology of color helps to find out how a particular shade affects our awareness of the world and ourselves in it. With the development of science, it has become possible to determine the character by the color that you love or can’t stand.

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