5 exciting TV series that do not reserve a minute of time.

Today, TV series are not Brazilian soap operas that tell about the same thing. Streaming platforms have changed the situation radically and now TV series are being shot more abruptly and more interesting than full-length films, they spend huge budgets shooting them, they think through costumes and scenery to the smallest detail, and the plots sometimes surprise to the depths of the soul. We are talking about five such series, from which it is impossible to break away. Each episode is a real masterpiece.
“Why do women kill?”
An elegant and funny comedy with items of drama will make you laugh and cry. In “Why do women kill?” funny and sad things are close by, you trust the acting game from the first minutes, and the bright picture fascinates and pleases you.
The series tries to study what lies behind the false facades of an ideal life and what women are ready to do for the sake of finding their true happiness.
“Paper House”
The series shows a team of robbers who are guided by a certain Professor. The goal seems clear at first glance -robbery, but in fact the plan is much more difficult . The show has excellent acting, unexpected twists, dramatic moments — in a word, a cool project that has become a kind of symbol against the machinations and crimes of the government.
“The Crown”
An interesting plot, excellent visuals and excellent acting is a win- win association for the series and in the “Crown” it just is. The series tells about the years of the rule of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain. There are no tedious historical facts to be found, everything is alive and entertaining. Intrigues, machinations and love affairs that took place behind the closed doors of Buckingham Palace.
“Game of Thrones”
“Game of Thrones” is a TV series-a phenomenon that will fascinate and please even those who do not really like fiction. At the center of the story is the destiny of many heroes who continually clash with each other and in the most unexpected situations. The plot keeps in tension until the very end and the viewer cannot foretell what will happen to each character in a few minutes.
Game of Thrones has everything- political games, love, loyalty, wars and dragons. It’s fascinating to watch each character and his transformation here. The picture itself and the specific effects will not disappoint either.
The film tells about an usual literature teacher who is abruptly given the chance to get into the past and prevent the assassination of President Kennedy. Whether the main character will manage it and what will come out of it – the creators revealed all this in eight episodes.
The mini-series turned out with exciting plot twists, mysticism and a sincere romance line. Action, elevated social problems and humor added a few more bonus points to the extraordinary story to make it entertaining for the viewer to watch. And almost forgot, the main character is played by the fascinating James Franco.

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