A rubbish bag or a trendy thing? Why has the new Balenciaga bag made so much noise on the Websites?

The Balenciaga fashion house is popular for its bold and sometimes provocatively shocking aesthetics. There are enough fans of this aesthetic, but there are also lots of those who are incredulous. Not everyone realizes the style in which Balenciaga creates their dresses, accessories, shoes and images in general. So, now the new Balenciaga bag has become the topic of warm discussions on the Web. The product looks too much like a rubbish bag. Though, the creative head of the Fashion House Demon Gvasalia himself does not reject this. What does the bag look like, which caused a controversial reaction from the public and how much it costs, we will tell you more.
Trash bag or trending thing. Why did the Balenciaga bag make so much noise?
The bag that everyone is discussing has become part of the new Balenciaga autumn-winter 2022/2023 collection. This accessory has become a real fashion gossip. People are shocked that a fashion house offers them to carry their things in a “garbage bag”. However, the cost of a bag is very different from a roll of such bags from any supermarket. However, the substance of these products is various . The Balenciaga bag is made of leather and it costs $ 1800.
Notably , the members  of Balenciaga themselves call their accessory a garbage bag. That’s what the creative director of the Fashion House Demon Gvasalia (better known by the mononym Demna) said about it.
“I couldn’t miss the opportunity to create the most expensive rubbish bag in the world. After all, who doesn’t love fashion scandals?” The designer’s idea was a success  and Balenciaga got their scandal. But bad PR is also PR. But now everyone knows about the bag.
How users reacted to the bag.
It is worth noting that the fashion that is shown to us on the podiums is very different from the one presented, for instance , in the mass market. Thus , podium options often cause a violent reaction. However, Balenciaga is still going to bring its new bag to the market.

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