Entertaining logic puzzles that only clever people can solve.

The scholars have always held interesting tasks in high esteem, testing first of all not the knowledge of the subject, but the ability to think logically. It is this concept that experts are guided by in order to create questions for the mental game “What? Where? When?”. So we decided to go the same way. Our today’s collection includes tasks that are capable of giving a smart person genuine pleasure. No particular knowledge or concrete information is not needed to solve them. Can you think logically? Go ahead!
Entertaining tasks for smart guys and smart girls.

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Task 1
According to the condition of the problem, cow = 2, dog = 3 and cuckoo = 4. Complete the boolean chain and tell me what the rooster is equal to in this case?

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Task 2
Below you will see the puzzle. There are 20 signs in front of your eyes, in which a complete phrase is encrypted. Understand the principle of the code and solve the puzzle!

Task 3
The girl, who loves puzzles very much, decided to write down her name with a homemade encryptor. She got the following number – 13321933. Identify precisely how the girl made up the code, and answer what the little trickster’s real name was!

Task 4
In front of you is a series of numbers- 8290157346. Identify the pattern according to which this series was constructed!

Name a word that begins with three “g’s” and ends with three “I’s”.

Task 6
The hut has four walls. Each of these walls faces south. A bear walks around the hut. Attention, the question is ! What color is this bear?

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1. Pretty fast you can figure out that the number that the animal is labeled with is equal to the number of letters in the sound it makes.The rooster, as you know, screams: “Crowing!” correspondingly, in our plan we will indicate it with the number 8.
2. Look at the diagram below, and you will immediately realize precisely how we encrypted a simple phrase!
3. The girl picked up an easy cipher. Each letter of her name, the baby identified it with a serial number in the alphabet. 13 = L, 32 = Y, 19 = S, 33 = Ya. Therefore, the baby’s name is Lucy.
4. Say these numbers out louder and you will instantly understand – the rule here is built on the alphanumeric order of their names.Eight, two, nine…
5. The answer is simple, though not immediately clear. Trigonometry!
6. On Earth, such a hut can exist only at the North Pole. And there are only polar bears there.

We truly hope that you liked the logical entertaining tasks!

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