29 mard

Today, April 17, an emergency happened in Aragatsotn region.

Around 18:00, the “PAZ” bus left the traffic lane at the beginning of Nor Yerznka village under unknown circumstances, collided with the fence of the resident’s house and ended up in the yard, damaging about 30 beehives in the yard, then collided with the gas pipe. reports Shamshyan.

As a result of the collision, there is a gas leak, and 29 passengers on the bus were stung by bees and were taken to the “Ashtarak” medical center.

The villagers were the first to come to the aid of some of the wounded and took them to the hospital with their cars, and the emergency doctors of the “Ashtarak” medical center took them to the hospital.

Due to the fact of the incident, documents were drawn up in the Ashtarak department of the police, which may be transferred to the Aragatsotn regional department of the RA Investigative Committee.

The patrol service and the police find out the identity of the driver, those taken to the hospital and the owner of the beehives.


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