10 Secrets

10 Secrets Smart Women Never Share

Womanhappiness.ru reports 10 secrets that smart women never share.

1. Your complexes on the occasion of your appearance
Smart women don’t draw attention to their imaginary flaws. Instead, they emphasize their merits and skillfully play with them.

2. All the details of the relationship
If you tell your friends everything, they only focus on the bad, with which you spoil your partner’s good reputation.

3. That moment when you got “a little hot” during the breakup
Don’t tell your friends, it won’t do you any good.

4. Number of men you’ve slept with
Just be a grown man and move on. Everyone has a past. You can’t judge by numbers alone.

5. How do you follow someone online?
It’s nothing to be proud of, don’t tell anyone about it.

6. That you can do it better
If you want to help others, you can’t do it any better.

7. That you still think about your ex
You can say that to a girlfriend or mom, but not to a new man, even if he understands it himself.

8. How much money do you earn and spend?
Money is a very complicated subject that can cause you to have different feelings.

9. What do you think of his family and friends?
You should not share your personal problems about someone important to your man. If he has to make a choice, it won’t be in your favor.

10. Foreign secrets
It’s a sign that you can’t be trusted.


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