Incident near the night club

Tragic incident near the night club

Tragic incident near the night club.

On February 22, a stabbing incident occurred in Kotayk Marz, and the injured person was saved thanks to senior patrolman Vahe Melkonyan, junior patrolman Armen Muradyan, junior patrolman Armen Muradyan, and “Charentsavan” Medical doctors of the center.

As photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan reports, on that day an alert was received from the “Charentsavan” medical center to the Charentsavan police department that a citizen with physical injuries was taken to them in a service car by a patrol officer.

The operative group of the Charentsavan police department headed by the duty officer of the day went to the hospital.

The doctors at the hospital told the police that the injured person is unable to explain what happened because he is in the operating room.

While the doctors were fighting for the injured man’s life, the police of Charentsavan found out that he is 20-year-old Grigory B., a resident of Charentsavan, who was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of “severe, torn wound of the occipital region of the head”.

The officers of the criminal investigation department of the Charentsavan police department find out that the incident took place in the courtyard of the “Diamond” night club in the area near the station of Charentsavan city,

and 24-year-old Harutyun, a resident of Kotayk marz, was found stabbing Grigory B. and transferred to the Charentsavan police department. P., who is then presented from the Charentsavan Police Department to the Charentsavan Investigation Department of the Kotayk Marz Investigation Department of the RA Investigative Committee.

Thanks to the patrols, the crime tool knife is also found.

Photos: Gagik Shamshyan

Notification. The person suspected or accused of the alleged crime is considered innocent until his guilt is proven by the legally binding verdict of the court in accordance with the procedure established by the RA Criminal Procedure Code.


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